full text search

What if you could “Google” county records?

Now you can! oseberg is excited to announce a new feature we call Full Text Search. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you now have the ability to search the content of millions of county courthouse and state regulatory documents using any keyword or phrase.

"Google" thousands of public lease and land records and move beyond county clerk indexes. Perform your own open text searches across all public records with Full Text Search by oseberg.

Use Cases

Mineral and Royalty Lead Sourcing

  • Instantly identify thousands of overriding royalty owners and the newest mineral owners in a county.

Pre-Data room Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Identify potential liabilities surrounding retention clauses, drilling obligations or royalty deductions prior to entering formal due diligence.
Competitive Intelligence
  • Find out which companies are buying minerals and royalties in an area.
  • Uncover which brokers are working for which operators.

Legal Provision Discovery

  • Learn how many of your leases may be burdened by custom “damages” provisions or other problematic clauses.

Watch a Demo

FTS Webinar Recording

Recorded Webinar: Turbocharge Your TX/NM County Searches
AI Senior Product Manager, Grant DeLozier, gives an overview of oseberg’s Full Text Search feature and discusses how to take land and legal research to the next level.

watch the webinar