New Mexico oil and gas data & analytics

The ‘land of enchantment’ just got more enchanting for mineral buyers, E&P companies and midstream operators everywhere.

Oseberg Atla - New Mexico Dataset
Map showing various lease positions, well locations (active and permitted), & pooling units in Eddy County, NM.

New Mexico is rich with opportunity, particularly within the western-most portions of the Permian Basin which is by far the largest producing onshore oilfield in recent history. However, the regulatory landscape is extremely complex creating confusion and limited visibility into leasing, drilling rights, royalties, ownership and obligations.

In the New Mexico Permian, you’ll find:

  • ~5,400 square miles of Federal,
  • ~3,800 square miles of State, and
  • ~3,600 square miles of Fee mineral acreage.

Each ownership type presents its own regulatory and contractual challenges that can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you want/need to drill across a ‘mixed-ownership’ position. Understanding the nuances of the various requirements in this mixed environment is critical to operate in this state, and to benefit from the cornucopia of ancillary information that is available, but not readily accessible, from these regulatory filings.

Additionally, New Mexico supports Compulsory Pooling on Fee mineral acreage, allowing Operators to combine interests for the purposes of drilling. These Pooling Applications are sometimes filed long before a drilling permit, providing a leading indication of activity in addition to a breakdown of Working Interest, Mineral Interest and Overriding Royalty Interest owners in the Pooled area.

This highly valuable data from the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD) is extremely difficult to access, and even harder to extract. So, we did the heavy-lifting for you!

Quick view of New Mexico regulatory data in Atla. 

Introducing Oseberg’s New Mexico Regulatory Dataset.

Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology extracts structured data from “unstructured natural language” (i.e. written in English) documents. Using proprietary “domain models” (i.e. we have professional landmen who train the system how to interpret oil & gas documents) we’ve scoured and structured the publicly available records to bring you a high-quality New Mexico dataset that offers:

  • 80,000 county clerk land & lease records in four Permian counties (Lea, Eddy, Chaves and Roosevelt)
  • 15,000 state and federal leases across the entire state
  • Over 120,000 historic and actively producing wells with over 5000 detailed frac reports
  • Poolings and Spacing Units dating back to 1937
  • State and Federal Communitizations (i.e. poolings that involve government lands) dating back to 1939

Use Cases

Here’s how our customers are already taking advantage of this new, exciting dataset:

  • “Who Has What, Where?” Our Spacing units provide a comprehensive view of Operated acreage, with details on original and current Operator, status of wells and detailed contact information.
  • Gain early insight into where, when and how Operators intend to drill using Pooling data - sometimes months before a permit is filed. learn more
  • Quickly find Mineral Interests (MI), Working Interests (WI) and Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI) and the parties that own them from our Respondent data when you are acquiring assets or buying minerals.
  • Understand spacing rules in a matter of minutes instead of days with our Spacing Units. learn more
  • Easily associate Well API numbers to the underlying State & Federal leases.
  • Immediately see the azimuthal orientations of directional wells using Surface to Bottom Hole “sticks” using our Wells dataset.

Oseberg’s New Mexico

The Delaware Basin doesn’t stop at the State line; this new dataset complements our existing coverage in Texas to provide the most comprehensive view of the Permian in the industry. A subscription to Atla with a license to our New Mexico data provides access to:

  • Spacing Units NEW
  • Compulsory Poolings NEW
  • State and Federal Communitization Agreements NEW
  • County Clerk Documents
  • State & Federal Leases
  • Wells and Frac Reports

Webinar Recording: New Mexico

The Permian basin in New Mexico has approximately 5,400 square miles of Federal, 3,800 square miles of State, and 3,600 square miles of Private mineral acreage presenting regulatory challenges for E&P Operators wishing to develop and produce in the state. One of the most important regulatory conditions Operators must address is the concept of “forced pooling”, whereby an Operator who doesn’t have voluntary agreements with all interest holders in a particular area can still legally combine those interests, without the interest holder’s consent, for the purpose of drilling a well.

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