Texas Permian

powerful insights into the Texas Permian oil and gas landscape

Atla by Oseberg offers Texas Permian data
Units by operator and completions with IP

Imagine combining TX county record access, “google-search” of every word and phrase, machine learning extractions of lease provisions and making it all accessible from a map. Then add all your other supporting data like well permits, units, completions, monthly production. Welcome to oseberg TX Permian data!

County oil & gas records with ownership, acreage, legal location, extracted clauses packaged with high-quality, searchable document images together with complete drilling info, unit, production & transfer data give you the full picture of the TX Permian landscape. It’s like combining the courthouse with the RRC all in one place.


with a subscription to oseberg's Texas dataset, you'll get access to the richest combined county & RCC datasets in the industry.

Using Atla you can discover leases, memos and assignments in a variety of ways.
Leases, memos and assignments by grantee
  • Extracted Leases, Memos & Assignments
  • County Clerk Filings
  • Units (updated with Transfers)
  • Drilling Permits (Pending & Approved)
  • Completions
  • Transfers
  • Pluggings
  • Production Data
  • Pughed Out Acreage prospects

providing workflow enhancements that boost the bottom-line.

  • Competitive intelligence (Who has What Where?)
  • Pre- or post-dataroom due diligence of “at risk” lease terms or language
  • Acquisition or defense of leasehold using Pughed Out acreage prediction
  • Pre-M&A analysis of target acreage risk including continuous drilling clauses, pref rights, terms, pipeline acreage dedications, royalty provisions, shut-in payments

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Learn how you can conduct a 'Google-like' search of county records in this 30-minute webinar.

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In this webinar we showcase a workflow that combines multiple datasets to reveal acreage that may be at risk under a lease provision such as a Pugh clause.

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