Take a Short Tour of Oseberg Map Services.

Whether you are an everyday map user or GIS professional, it's now possible to integrate Oseberg's leading land, lease, regulatory & drilling datasets directly into your preferred mapping environments, including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop/ArcMap or any other ESRI-compliant application.

Use Oseberg Map Services to:
  • Integrate Oseberg's leading industry data directly into your preferred mapping environments such as ArcGIS, GeoGraphix, etc.
  • Look at Oseberg data at any scale, from a single Section to an entire state or region.
  • Combine our current spatial data with your own internal data sources, allowing you to visualize complex datasets in one spatial environment.
  • Eliminate manual file transfers or scripts that need to be monitored. No more time wasted between switching from one application to the next.
  • Lower the likelihood of using out of date data that results from odious internal file handling processes!