Recorded: Thursday, August 29, 2019

presenter: Alexis Simon, Client Success Manager - Oseberg

hope you are as excited as we are about the new features atla has to offer!

  • see how you can speed and fine-tune your the Area of Interest (AOI) definition workflow
  • learn how to search drilling data faster using new permit, completion, transfer & commingling subcategories
  • optimize lease search performance using county record type pre-filters
  • discover the development history of any Oklahoma section using the new section summary timeline of regulatory & drilling activity
  • save cross-referencing time and clicking across two main New Mexico datasets by linking well data directly to production details

join the webinar to see first hand how you and your team can improve your existing workflows using oseberg data

Who should attend?
  • current atla users who want to stay up to date or who are seeking out new workflow habits
  • new atla users looking for more training
  • those who are interested in using atla for the first time

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